Looking to sell gold and cash in on recent surges in gold prices? If you’ve got unwanted gold jewelry at home, you might be sitting on more cash than you realize, especially right now when gold is flirting with record-high prices of $1800 an ounce. Here’s a quick guide on how to sell gold in San Antonio, so you can clean up your jewelry box and convert your pieces into cold hard cash.

To help you select a reliable gold purchaser, you should also visit the Better Business Bureau website. The best gold buyer will be accredited, as they have passed strict requirements based on honesty and trustworthiness. There are different types of gold buyer that include pawn shops, jewelry stores and online sell gold and diamonds. The best option is an online gold buyer because they have a quick turnaround time and they provide the highest quotes. A pawn shop or jewelry store offer less money and require a lot of driving time, which cuts into your profit.

Those who are new to buying and selling precious metals and commodities, might have a question of how to sell gold coins online? Many legal and safe websites are available online. These can be used to sell your gold coins as per the current price of the metal. The gold prices and the value of the coins tend to change periodically, depending on the market and economy. Before selling your gold, it is recommended to thoroughly study the gold rates. The offer rate on different makes of coins is also displayed on the websites for ready reference.

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The first step regarding selling gold for cash is to know the value of your gold. The value of gold depends upon two factors. One is the present market value of gold in grams and the second is which can help to know your value of gold weight your jewelry and its purity. The purity of gold is determined in Karats starting from 10 karat to 24 Karat. The higher the number of karat, the more expensive your jewelry will be.

Before you head out and search for places that exchange cash for gold in Toronto, you first have to know what your pieces are worth. Gold items differ in quality as this precious metal also varies in its components. To get better acquainted with the value of your pieces, you can have them assessed by experts, just turn to the item itself. There should be markings, symbols that could tell you whether it’s a 10k, 14k, 18k, or 24k gold if it’s genuine gold.

C)Selling gold jewelry online is by far the best bet. Their advertising and overhead costs are low and offer higher payout for gold than pawn or jewelry shops.

It’s easy to convert your damaged and broken jewelry pieces into cash. Those individuals that put up for sale broken gold jewelry can get the extra money needed for bills or excess pocket money.

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