Everything you have as probably some sort of value attached to it. Sometimes this value is founded on how you feel about a certain item, while other items are given values assigned by others. The same applies to old coins and other coins in you collection. While professional coin dealers or expert coin collectors will know the old coin value for various coins, we may have no idea about this.

If you have been thinking of buying silver coin from a long time do not hesitate to start your collection. First, you need to find a coin dealer who specializes in selling silver coin. It is important to ask question first so that you have a complete understanding of what you are buying and how much these coin will be worth in coming years.

We are a British Company so of course we are under British jurisdiction. Our customers own gold either in London, Zurich or New York, which places their property under one of those jurisdictions. The two are not the same thing. Once you have bought gold in Switzerland we are simply an agent for arranging the payment of your custody fee for your Swiss held property. That means a US customer with Swiss held gold is not exposed to British jurisdiction.

“>coin dealer Welcome can be helpful. Often the coins you will want to get started with are ones that do not hold as much value as some of the more collectible pieces. Your local coin dealer can help you out with lots of good advice.

If we are not experiencing inflation, why has the price of precious metals continued to rise? There are two factors. One, the falling dollar, and two, a few people know that monetary inflation is on the way. The gold and silver markets are very small. When investor demand kicks in, driven by fear of inflation, precious metals will be in high demand. I believe silver investing will be more profitable that gold. And locally at least, silver investing is coming back into vogue.

If you are just starting out getting a few rolls of circulated coins from the bank can help you to get started on your collection. More experienced collectors will need to purchase a lot of bank rolls to find coins of interest but it is often well worth the time.

If your collection is like most, it will have a lot of wheat back Lincoln cents (1909 to 1958), common silver coins, and proof sets. Most dealers pay two to three cents each for common wheat back cents. They will pay more if you separate out the early rarer dates, such as, 1909-S, 1911-S, 1913-S, 1914-D, 1931-S and others. Use your Red Book to identify the more expensive dates.

During my first three years in college I was a math major. So I realize the silver investing formula in the title of this article is not mathematically correct. However, when monetary inflation sets in, the price of gold will skyrocket. And if, on top of that, the gold to silver price ratio moves to the historic norm, the mathematical rewards for silver investing will be equal to gold investing cubed.