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If you’re not into garage sales or flea markets of the like, then maybe try eBay. They wrote the book on how to earn extra money, and are a global multi-billion dollar company as a result. That old coat of yours could get you a couple of bucks if you eBay it, as could that old VCR. Or maybe it’s time to sell that sports card memorabilia or Beanie Babies. Whatever you’ve got hidden away in your basement or attic is something that can potentially be turned into cash.

Again, if you are selling these yourself use the tools available to you. Get delivery confirmation on every card you ship, if the card is high dollar use insurance as well. This assures you protect yourself, not just from scam artists on line, but from disaster striking from the post office or carrier you select. Bottom line, this is going to be a business and you should treat it as such.

The Deep River Grinders play baseball according to the rules of 1858. vintage buing baseball cards Lecanto is much different from baseball as we know it today. The old rules were unlike the current rules of baseball. Players were referred to as “gentlemen,” and they were not permitted to steal bases, swear, or spit. Those offenses would cost a player 25 cents, which was an average weeks wages back in the mid 1800’s. Fans, otherwise known as “cranks,” can enjoy an ice-cold bottle of sassafras tea, Vienna-style hot dogs, and other reasonably priced food and refreshments. The sale of sassafras tea helps support the team. Call (219) 947-1958 to become a member of the Deep River Grinders or to find out the current game schedule.

Keep in mind that a number of details can affect the price. The size of the pin and the type of material used to make it both contribute to the cost you’ll pay. Many experienced companies will also offer extras such as free setup and shipping. A few will even waive mold fees as well as guaranteed quick delivery. Check to see if there’s a reduction in cost when you order a larger quantity before deciding exactly how many Vintage baseball cards pins you need.

If your children do their homework in their bedrooms, they will need a good desk lamp to see by. Department stores are filled with many great options. You can even dress it up by making your own shade based on a theme like in Create a Ballet Tutu Lamp Shade – Girl’s Bedroom Decor. But you can also have them express themselves by letting them creating their own lamp. There are many theme crafts out there such as DIY Children’s Bug Lamp and How to Make a Lamp Out of a vintage baseball cards Glove.

Bert “Pig Iron” Corbeau is not a well-known name. Yet, Corbeau’s 1923-24 V145-1 #25 hockey card is the most valuable hockey card in the world. Corbeau had a ten year NHL career with the Montreal Canadiens, Hamilton Tigers and Toronto St. Pats (predecessor to the Maple Leafs) from 1917-18 to 1926-27. He was part of the Montreal Canadiens first Stanley Cup winning team, the first player to play for both Montreal and Toronto during his career and the first player to record 100 penalty minutes in one season. Corbeau’s rookie card from 1923-24 is valued at $20,000 but expect to pay much more if one can be found for sale.