Why are you interested in starting a coin collection? People start collecting coins for various reasons. Some do it hoping for a profit. The rise in gold and silver prices over the last few years have inspired many people to start buying gold and silver bullion and that translated into a passion for collecting coins.

Once your child has some money of his own to spend, he can learn how to make responsible decisions about which old coins to buy at a “>coin shop Summerfield demand. I believe silver investing will be more profitable that gold. And locally at least, silver investing is coming back into vogue.

If the coin does not have the “S” San Francisco mint stamp on it, don’t waste your time because the coin is essentially worthless. Ike silver dollars with the “S” stamp contain .3162 troy ounces of silver.

So, if you are looking to get your very first Buffalo Nickel, try these three places first: in your change, at your local coin dealer, and online. Best of luck!