Treasure hunting begins at home. People regularly find famous old books and valuable antiques in their attics, so get up there and look. One couple opened their walls while remodeling, and found them insulated with thousands of old and valuable movie posters. In the thirties a theater owner ahd put them there. The couple sold $200,000 worth of the posters, the last I heard.

I was skeptical to say the least. However, after looking at their website, I felt a little better. After all, they are a registered member of the Better Business Bureau. I agreed to dig up a few things he could send in so we’d have some extra holiday cash for our kids presents.

We are a British Company so of course we are under British jurisdiction. Our customers own gold either in London, Zurich or New York, which places their property under one of those jurisdictions. The two are not the same thing. Once you have bought gold in Switzerland we are simply an agent for arranging the payment of your custody fee for your Swiss held property. That means a US customer with Swiss held gold is not exposed to British jurisdiction.

(Q) If gold is fluctuating wildly in price I don’t want my new buy order to be held up with some sign up procedures. If one of our readers wants to open an account at BullionVault, how long does your sign up, fund and buy process usually take?

If you are just starting out getting a few rolls of circulated coins from the bank can help you to get started on your collection. More experienced collectors will need to purchase a lot of bank rolls to find coins of interest but it is often well worth the time.

How can I invest my cash into the commodity of Silver? If you are asking this question, the answer is this. Simply visit your local “>coin shop Kernersville