Maybe when you were a child your father gave you his old pennies. And then you began collecting more unique coins, seeking out those rarities that would some day make you rich. It was like a treasure hunt. It was a thrill.

While silver has steadily increased in its commercial use in electronics and the demand for electronics will continue to increase, there is a surprising increase in coinage. With the demand increasing heavily in silver coins and metals there is bound to be price spike like we have never seen before. Why is that? Well instead of just a few private investors purchasing silver as a store of wealth and a company purchasing it for their products there has been a vast influx in private purchase by average citizens. Silver is now an internationally purchasable commodity that can be bought through world-wide coin dealers, on the internet and even at your local “>coin shop Walnut Cove

For $10 you can buy a gold pan, and start prospecting. It’s easier to see the gold in the green plastic ones. Most federal lands are open to prospectors without a permit. I’ve only seen gold in my pan in Canada (there isn’t much gold in Michigan), but people have better luck in the mountain streams of the southeast and southwest. It’s a nice way to spend an afternoon in any case.

Taking the challenge to buy a hamburger for .15 cents would seem to be difficult nowadays. Driving up to the drive thru and looking at the menu one can see the cheapest hamburger on the menu is for a $1.00. However being lucky one could pull out a dime and a nickel and find the dime to be dated 1961 and the nickel dated 1942. What would the dates have to do with buying a hamburger for .15 cents?

Coins can be collected by series. Meaning, a coin collector can start by trying to obtain one example of each coin from a specific type. Again, the U.S. State Quarters are a good example. Many people tried to get one coin from each state as it was issued.

You should however, not trust all the blogs and bloggers out there on how to invest your silver. Look for the person with actual experience in silver investment. Find the coins with the highest silver content and purity levels for the best investment. There are different types of silver in the market and they could be sold at your local coin shop, numismatic dealers, auctions, and coin shows. If you have a variety of silver coins you want to invest in, get a good coin book and compare the pictures there to see the value and price of what you have. Then and only then, can you go confidently to the market.