Silver prices rose again this week and are nearly 6% higher  for the week, while gold quietly eked out a 1% gain.

Today, gold fell 0.18% to $1,247 an ounce after hitting a five-week high of $1,270.10 an ounce yesterday. Silver is up nearly 2% today to $17.36 an ounce. It had rose to a

11-month high of $17.69 yesterday and looks set to test resistance at $18 per ounce.

Palladium and platinum also saw strong gains for the week and were 6.6% and 4.25% higher respectively.

      Market Performance This Week (Finviz)silver_gold_bullion

Market Updates This Week

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Gold Prices (LBMA)

22 April: USD 1,245.40, EUR 1,104.34 and GBP 868.73 per ounce

21 April: USD 1,257.65, EUR 1,113.21 and GBP 877.01 per ounce

20 April: USD 1,247.75, EUR 1,098.09 and GBP 867.45 per ounce

19 April: USD 1,241.70, EUR 1,095.18 and GBP 867.01 per ounce

18 April: USD 1,237.70, EUR 1,095.02 and GBP 872.45 per ounce

Silver Prices (LBMA)

22 April: USD 17.19, EUR 15.26 and GBP 11.96 per ounce

21 April: USD 17.32, EUR 15.31 and GBP 12.05 per ounce

20 April: USD 16.97, EUR 14.93 and GBP 11.81 per ounce

19 April: USD 16.62, EUR 14.67 and GBP 11.57 per ounce

18 April: USD 16.20, EUR 14.33 and GBP 11.41 per ounce

Gold News and Commentary

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Yen tumbles on renewed rate cut talk (Reuters)

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“What Is Happening Has Absolutely No “Reasonable” Explanation” (Zero Hedge)

Britain should pay more attention to the Eurozone crisis (Telegraph)

Banning cash would be devastating for the economy (Money Week)

“The more they move to negative rates, the more gold is gonna take off” (Investix)

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