‘Silver guru’ David Morgan was recently interviewed by Future Money Trends and said that the gold and silver bullion “super bull market” has been initiated.

“We are finally in the very beginning of the new bull market which will be the most exciting as the third leg up is the one that is the most rewarding. In fact few will believe just how high the precious metals will go. The end date is most likely 2018/2019 at this point.”

Gold and Silver Prices and News

Gold near 1-1/2-week low as dollar keeps strength (Reuters)

Indians shun gold buys during key festival as prices, drought sting (Reuters)

Gold slides with other commodities as dollar and equities rise (Reuters)

Top bullion dealers form a federation (Business Standard)

Perth Mint Gold and Silver Bullion Sales in April (Coin News)

Sprott CEO: I’m a Pragmatic Gold Bug (Bloomberg)

I’m with Stan Druckenmiller – gold has every reason to rise (Marketwatch)

Bitcoin Drama Continues: Craig Wright Disappears and Andresen Says He Was Bamboozled (Max Keiser)

What makes medieval money different from modern money? (JP Koning)

With A Historic -150% Net Short Position, Carl Icahn Is Betting On An Imminent Market Collapse (Zero Hedge)

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Gold Prices (LBMA AM)

10 May: USD 1,264.85, EUR 1,111.04 and GBP 875.90 per ounce

09 May: USD 1,277.75, EUR 1,121.54 and GBP 884.68 per ounce

06 May: USD 1,280.25, EUR 1,121.06 and GBP 883.04 per ounce

05 May: USD 1,275.75, EUR 1,114.95 and GBP 879.23 per ounce

04 May: USD 1,280.30, EUR 1,114.18 and GBP 883.59 per ounce

Silver Prices (LBMA)

10 May: USD 17.04, EUR 15.00 and GBP 11.82 per ounce

09 May: USD 17.33, EUR 15.21 and GBP 11.99 per ounce

06 May: USD 17.31, EUR 15.15 and GBP 11.93 per ounce

05 May: USD 17.38, EUR 15.21 and GBP 12.01 per ounce

04 May: USD 17.18, EUR 14.96 and GBP 11.86 per ounce


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