The high price of gold is creating a situation where a number of individuals are considering sending in their old jewelry for cash. The weakness in the economy has made things even worse. Seeing an opportunity, folks in the gold refining business are reaching out to get their share as well. I cannot remember any previous time in my life when I have seen refiners openly advertising on television, but in recent months, there they are, urging folks to send in their jewelry and gold for cash. It hasn’t even been a one time occurrence – I have seen many such ads, and from several different refiners. You may well have seen some of the same ads.

There is no point in hoarding your unwanted gold inside a drawer, especially when the value of gold is high. Whether these are jewelry or coins, now is the time to convert them into cash.

If you want the most support possible for your party, find a local company to work with. You will be able to meet face to face with a representative and learn more about the process as well as the payments. In most cases you will know right away whether or not you are going to feel comfortable working with this company. A best price for gold will be sent out to the party in order to meet with each person and assess value.

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As you gradually increase your coverage you might want to think of bigger markets. Jewelries can be sold and will be sold too, however if you want to cope with the competition you should consider buying and selling of other gold forms. For an instance you can sell gold coins to collectors and enthusiast. The first thing that probably hit you is how to sell gold coins?

Have you ever heard of a “cash for gold” scheme? Relax, it is not a con game nor is it an attempt to swindle you. These schemes are mostly offered by refineries and gold buyers to purchase broken, antique, and unused items such as jewelry, coins, and bullion bars that are made of gold. With gold prices shooting up and up, many buyers are looking to buy old gold so that they can refine them into various ornaments. This process will cost them relatively less because the current value of gold in the US is $1,300 an ounce. Experts predict that very soon it will go up as high as $1,500.

Visiting commodity websites will likewise provide you a good estimate. These types of sites have the latest prices on gold, which allow you to weed out buyers that are providing you with less than market rates to your items. These prices range daily, so it is important to find the rate close to the time that you plan to sell.

Remember that your gold has value even if it is considered as scrap and useless. Be sure to choose a dealer who has a good reputation and has been in the buying business for quite sometime. An experienced and professional gold buyer will offer you the best price for your gold and you will be able to get the true price for your gold. It is always best if you can do some much needed research before you decide to sell your gold for hard cash.