One of the best coins to begin your coin collecting with, is the buffalo nickel. This particular nickel was minted from the years 1913 to 1938. It was the first time that the image of an American Indian was placed on US coinage, and therefore it is also called the Indian head nickel. Many people also consider this to be one of the best designed coins in US history. So, if you are looking to add one of these to your collection; where do you look?

(Q) I understand that BullionVault is obliged by law to establish the identity of its customers. This is the standard for everybody in today’s world. What jurisdiction’s rules does BV adhere to, also do you have an active AML policy and who created that for you?

Though silver has currently hit a record high price in the market, don’t get your savings there just yet before you carefully examine and understand the market trends.

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We are not aware of any at all. I hope that does not suggest complacency. We reconcile all our cash statements and bar lists every day, and publish the result on-line. We send statements to all customers monthly. We provide extensive feedback to registered email addresses when things happen on their accounts, and we notify log in to cellphones via our Burglar alarm. There is a subtlety about the Burglar alarm and the mandatory return of cash to a customer’s own bank account which is worth sharing. If a criminal logs into an account the account owner will probably contact us immediately – if their cellphone is switched on.

If your collection is like most, it will have a lot of wheat back Lincoln cents (1909 to 1958), common silver coins, and proof sets. Most dealers pay two to three cents each for common wheat back cents. They will pay more if you separate out the early rarer dates, such as, 1909-S, 1911-S, 1913-S, 1914-D, 1931-S and others. Use your Red Book to identify the more expensive dates.

As a side note, I also found out that Cash4Gold only insures these packages for $100. I also discovered that while Cash4Gold claims that if you are unsatisfied with the payment amount, they will return the jewelry, there is a catch. They are only responsible for $100 if they can’t return it (lost or otherwise not returned), and the customer has to pay shipping to have it returned – along with the original shipping cost to get it there.

Do not forget to thoroughly inspect a particular dealer’s policies before returning an item. Make sure that once you receive your coin, immediately inspect it for authenticity or damage. The coin you must have must be just as you ordered and what you expected.