The public domain is an amazing resource – literally a product developer’s dream. When it comes to the types of public domain projects you can create, the limit is really your imagination. This article examines five different ways you can use public domain materials to build an income stream.

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The key to success in the card business is again to theme the cards to an interest that you identified. For instance, the Library of Congress has a great best selling baseball cards from around 1900 online. An enterprising person could use them to make decks of playing cards and market them during baseball season. Lots of folks who like baseball play cards and would be thrilled to have such a unique pack of cards to enjoy while playing their game.

Service Vintage baseball cards providers often use this method. A boutique salesperson who is assisting you in finding the right gown for a Charity Ball tells you that the most expensive dress in the shop you are strongly considering has already been purchased in a larger size by another Ball attendee. While you look fantastic in the dress, the salesperson is concerned the situation might be embarrassing for you. Furthermore, two people in the same dress would take attention away from you specifically.

According to their official website, Chicago has received Grammy’s Lifetime Achievement Award, multiple American Music Awards and they even have their own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Depending on who you talk to, Dean’s Cards may be the best website to use when shopping for vintage baseball cards online. You can find roughly 700,000 sports and non-sports cards on this website. When shopping for vintage baseball cards on Dean’s Cards, you will notice that the cards are separated by decade. The condition of the buing baseball cards Trilby are also listed as are pictures for (most) of the cards. One thing I like about Dean’s Cards is that you purchase the cards directly from the website. You’re not involved in any auctions nor do you have to deal with a third party. Shopping for vintage baseball cards on Dean’s Cards is as easy as buying a CD off of Amazon.

Set builders planning on collecting the entire set of a particular issue of baseball cards often like to get that set started with an unopened box. That gives them a nice jump on getting all the cards in the set. Depending on the number of cards in the box and the set you can sometimes end up with a complete set in one box. That doesn’t happen with most boxes but for example it can with a HTA box of 2009 Topps Baseball.

If you love your baseball card collection, the facts are clear. Rather than selling baseball cards as an investment, do it as a hobby and have a lot of fun. For investments, look elsewhere.