– Irish gold artefacts form pre-history discovered in  field in Ireland

– “Very significant” find by farmer of “arm sized” rings in Donegal

– Irish gold artefacts akin to bracelets may be some sort of currency or money says Museum curator

assistant curator

(Photo: Caroline Carr, Donegal County Museum)

An Irish farmer from County Donegal has discovered gold artefacts believed to be an ancient currency or money thousands of years old and from pre-history.

Norman Witherow uncovered the gold objects on Saturday when he was digging a drain in a field

The artefacts remained in his kitchen and car boot until Tuesday when his friend, who is a jeweller, told him that it needed to be reported.

Initial observations by staff from the National Museum of Ireland date the gold from at least the Bronze Age (c. 3200–600 BC) or even earlier.

Experts from the Donegal County Museum believe that the artefacts were used as some sort of currency during the Bronze Age.

The beautiful round gold objects, which are over four inches in diameter, are too big to be rings and too small to be bracelets and hence the view that they may be a form of ancient currency or money.

Museum staff were shocked and astounded by the discovery of the gold artefacts.

“This is a once in a lifetime find for our county and we are absolutely delighted,” said assistant curator of the Donegal County Museum Caroline Carr.


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