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We know that bond prices, like anything else with a price, can be tracked on a point and figure chart. We can also monitor the relative strength of bonds, just like we do with stocks. Also, when bonds in general gave a relative strength sell signal over two years ago, we knew that this group would likely perform poorly, when compared with the rest of the overall market.

If you’re not into garage sales or flea markets of the like, then maybe try eBay. They wrote the book on how to earn extra money, and are a global multi-billion dollar company as a result. That old coat of yours could get you a couple of bucks if you eBay it, as could that old VCR. Or maybe it’s time to sell that all star baseball cards or Beanie Babies. Whatever you’ve got hidden away in your basement or attic is something that can potentially be turned into cash.

A lot of people just don’t understand this! Selling a bond can be like selling your home. When you want to sell a bond, there is rarely a “listed” market. So you need Vintage baseball cards to contact a broker. They will come up with an offer price to buy your bond from you. This price has to work for you, or you won’t sell. But it also has to work for them…they will often turn around quickly and offer it elsewhere, in an effort to make a profitable trade.

If time allows, head out the back way and stop at Atlantic City on your way home. Considered a genuine ghost town, there are some nice shops and historical information there as well.

RARE COLLECTIBLES – You may want to purchase rare collectibles on eBay if you absolutely cannot find them anywhere else. Things such as buing baseball cards Holiday, rare books and photos . You will have to pay for shipping and if something is wrong with it, you will have to ship it back.

But I seem to be getting better at it. At Opus Fantasy Arts Festival last weekend, a vendor was there looking at our CDs. Vendors were feeling the economic blow. Sales weren’t good.

There is no substitute for getting out of the office to go and meet live prospects at a conveniently -located venue. Once you have met and conversed with others about a topic of mutual interest, you have taken the very first step in building sustainable relationships with future customers and others that may also be helpful to your personal and business interests; as you may be to theirs. Do not discount the value of such personal interactions, as there is no friend like one with the smiling face and warm handshake.