Why are you interested in starting a coin collection? People start collecting coins for various reasons. Some do it hoping for a profit. The rise in gold and silver prices over the last few years have inspired many people to start buying gold and silver bullion and that translated into a passion for collecting coins.

Meanwhile here at home, one local economist keeps getting a little press each month, Alan Gin, from University of San Diego, as he continues with semi-optimistic economic forecast. Other local economists seem to be drinking the same tea because when they report their latest forecast they neglect the fire burning around the data.

Visit the U.S. Mint’s website. This website not only has a great product catalog, but it also has a huge databank of information on coins from history to design to everything in between. It’s a valueable resource for new collectors. As your interest grows, purchasing directly from the mint ensures that you are getting genuine coins in phenominal condition. At the U.S. Mint’s website, you also see coins. You see proof sets, mint sets, uncirculated coins in all denominations. What this does is expand your collecting tastes to include items you were not aware of before. Their prices are competitive and the long-term value in terms of just the information there is definately worth the time to study the site even if you are not ready to make a larger monetary purchase.

Once you are confident with the coin grading process, the next step should be to see what an actual expert has to say about the old coin value. You can usually get a good opinion by visiting your local

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