As a young boy, I collected all the loose change after mom dumped all the coins out everyones pockets before she through the cloths in the washing machine. It added up and I quickly filled a small coffee can with 90% junk silver coins. I sure wish that it was this easy to find coins today.

If the coin does not have the “S” San Francisco mint stamp on it, don’t waste your time because the coin is essentially worthless. Ike silver dollars with the “S” stamp contain .3162 troy ounces of silver.

No. The huge majority of our customers buy gold to own it for the medium to long term, and choose BullionVault as the safest store of wealth they can find. Active traders are the minority who like watching for opportunities on the market.

These shops provide coin collectors the opportunity to actually examine or scrutinize the coins that interest you. Fortunately, these coin shops are also replete with experts and coin lovers who share your passion and can offer their valid judgment on a particular coin’s grade or value. They can also offer helpful tips as well as advice.

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