Today Gold Prices are almost touching the skies. If you are planning to sell your unwanted jewelry, it is crucial to find a buyer who is capable of offering you a good amount. Presently, the market prices of gold and silver are at its peak. Never in the past has there been a time when the prices shot up so high, and therefore this turns out to be the right time to sell not just your gold and silver but also your diamond jewelry and platinum. You are sure to get more than what you would expect but only if you succeed in choosing good scrap gold buyers. So, how then do you find a good gold buyer? You probably need to do a little bit of research. Here is how you need to get started.

For most gold jewelry the value is in the precious metal content of the item – generally the weight of the piece multiplied by current gold prices. However, some pieces may have a higher value if it is a signature piece (i.e. a “signed” piece by Cartier or Tiffany & Co.), contains diamonds, or is a collector’s item.

The buy gold cheap might test your gold due to the carat weight, and then with a math formula, will calculate exactly how much pure gold is inside your jewelry.

If you find a place that wants to charge you for an evaluation of your gold items, you need to leave and not do business with that company. Just tell them “no thanks,” and leave. It is an industry standard to give a free appraisal.

If you are wondering over how to sell gold, then you may not worry too much. However, make sure that you sell it at a right price. To make sure that you buy right price for the piece of gold you carry, make sure that your gold is certified for its purity according to recognized standards practice in your locality. You may rather choose to sell your gold at places where they claim ‘we buy gold bearing hallmark for purity’, as they can pay you right value for your gold.

What you want to do is look for sites that happen to be offering cash for gold. Compare the deals likely giving you. Some of them to help call them for a free appraisal so that you will will know exactly the quantity of you are getting. In turn, you will finally get the money to assist you to get out of your personal financial crisis. You will probably pay your bills, tuition fees or perhaps go on an escape. It is your choice should really do with the money you’ll receive.

Another benefit is that you will avoid the haggling you would need to do with a dealer. The dealer will try to pay as little as possible for your coins in order to increase his profit on their sale. A gold refiner will make an offer for your coin collection based on the coins’ intrinsic value. There is no haggling involved.

Scrap jewelry and gold is so valuable because of its inherent melt value. That’s right, if you decide to sell your gold to a scrap gold buyer, it will be melted down into ingots to be sold on the open market. A refinery will smelt it and it will be sold to countries, industries and even individuals to make all sorts of commercially available products like new pieces of jewelry and even medical products.

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