Great Panther Silver Ltd. (TSX:GPR,NYSEMKT:GPL) announced the resumption of operations at its Guanajuato Mine Complex. Work there was suspended Thursday after explosives were stolen at one of the mines at the complex.

As quoted in the press release:

This suspension was put in place to facilitate ongoing investigations in connection with the theft of such material, and to ensure security measures.

The regulatory authorities have completed their on-site inspection and have concurred with the decision of the Company to restart regular mining operations. The Cata processing plant was not affected by the suspension of mining activity, and mineral processing continued as usual.

At this time, there have been no judgements or orders by the Mexican regulatory authorities. There remains the potential for administrative action, which could include fines and, possibly, a temporary suspension of the Company’s explosives permit, which would negatively impact the operations at the affected mine. The Company’s internal investigation is continuing.

Click here to read the full Great Panther Silver Ltd. (TSX:GPR,NYSEMKT:GPL) press release.


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