As the world is in turmoil with large financial institution failing, money supplies in many countries being inflated enormously, and with governments going bankrupt over night, we could find safety in hamburgers? Yes, hamburgers.

Why would the Fed want us to think that inflation is too low? Could it be that the cure or deflation is to inflate the money supply (print dollars)? The printing of dollars causes real inflation, that is, monetary inflation. Monetary inflation makes it less expensive to repay (government) debt. When monetary inflation sets in, the price of everything goes up, and up, and up. Prices do not go up equally, because there are still supply/demand factors at work.

Customers also get peace of mind from the Burglar Alarm, which sounds your cell phone every time someone – including you – logs into your account. They also like the fact that we only allow money to be sent back to the original funder. Above all they like the transparency of our Daily Audit, which eliminates record-keeping risk. I think this is one of the most underestimated of all risks in modern securities markets.

Last weekend I visited a local “>coin shop Colfax

No matter what market it was created for, when it reaches your hands it is still valuable as an investment. Sterling contains only 92.5% of the precious metal, so it is not as valuable as the “fine” 99.9% variety, but don’t sell it in your garage sale. These items will be more difficult to sell than coins or bars, but coin shops, scrap yards, and eBay are all dependable options to receive 80%-95% of the precious metal’s market value you hold.