Coins can be generic or collectible. Generic coins are often known as “rounds.” Collectible coins are often called “numismatic” coins, a hobbyist term based on the Latin word “numisma” for coin.

Our total was $116. On our statement that they sent, they break down your total by metal. Each metal is further broken down into “units”, and how many units you sent in and the payment per unit. Cash4Gold’s unit is not an ounce, or any other verifiable “unit”. It is an internal measurement to Cash4Gold. This means that the consumer has no way of comparing what they were paid by Cash4Gold to the current market value of each metal.

Second, you can wait and see if prices go down. In many cases- not all- but in many instances hyped values slowly come down after the hysteria fades. Coin dealers can wait out falling prices to see if they come back up when silver goes up again, but lots of regular folks will want to or need to sell sooner rather than later. This may be a good option, but again, who knows?

There are also auctions specifically for coins. This method is a very effective – if not excellent – way to purchase coins. It is extremely important that prior to attending an auction you know the procedures and rules that apply.

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