Most people are rushing to buy silver as an investment and the experts are giving caution as to holding silver as an investment as it is not a liquid asset which can be easily traded. As a measure of value, Canada and the US have recognised silver as legal tender. This means that silver can be used as a payment for debt. The experts in silver investment have always considered ETF’s or exchange traded funds as the best way to go. This is where you sell your silver to a bank or the government coffers and you get certificates showing your ownership.

If any or all of BullionVault, Lloyds TSB Bank, and Via Mat fail your gold is perfectly safe. The reality is there would be a delay in getting your hands on it, but it is your property, and no liquidator can do anything other than return it to you. BullionVault is run more cautiously than any other business I have ever known. Shareholders funds are all held as gold and cash (no liquidity problems here) and currently amount to about 6 times annual running costs.

Second, you can go to your local

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