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Sometimes we are sitting on a gold mine without even realizing it. With the economy still trying to pick up making ends meet could be difficult, and finding extra money for your day to day expenses is not such an easy task. People try to save money, but after paying bills and other expenses there is nothing left to save. However, there are everyday stuff we have in our basements, attics or in storage that we do not remember and could be worth a lot of money. Below are some items that you could have sitting around gathering dust that could put some money in your pocket.

You may enjoy watching Storage Wars and American Pickers, these shows prove there is a huge market out there for auctions. If you have found buing baseball cards Ozona or antiques, someone would like to buy them. Things look so simple on reality TV but still, there is big money to be made.

He was very devoted to the Boy Scouts of America. He collected mugs as mementos of his involvement in projects events and meetings that had Vintage baseball cards taken place during his scouting career”.

It is said that the highest valued baseball cards are valued at $40,000. Robin Roberts, Jim Konstanty and Eddie Stanky were withdrawn from the series in 1952 due to contractual problems with a rival baseball card company. It is not known how it happened but somehow a small amount of these cards found their way in to circulation and because of that mistake, these cards are the highest valued cards.

No one goes to a junk yard to buy a Roles Royce. You work hard to drive traffic to your site. When people get there, you use your site to bring those people to a call for action which should be to purchase not run for the nearest exit. I forget who said it but it is very true; your website should be a theme park not a shopping mall. Don’t try to best selling baseball cards and dog food in the same place. If you have multiple interests, create multiple websites.

If you love baking and are really good at it, why not bake cakes and sell them to your friends and neighbors? If you love cooking, busy people who will be holding parties at their home will definitely hire you to cook dinner for them.

EBay Listing Tools – The dropshippers I use have tools that allow you to list a product on eBay at the click of a button. This process saves a tremendous amount of time. If I don’t have to worry about creating listings, I can focus on what products sell and customer service.