I remember the little things about Turkey; but then again, I suppose I would. The books are filled with pictures of the beautiful mosques. You can read all about Cavaranserai on the Internet. What website, though, is going to approximate the wistfulness of that last bite of beriberi? What book will bring you back to that tiny, crowded coin shop where she first smiled?

Another word of wisdom. You have a choice to make. Do you buy something rarer and lower quality or a higher MS and more plentiful? If it’s a Morgan silver dollar at $100, which is the better choice? It depends on what you will do with the coin. Is it for show? Then go for the luster and lower defects. After all, you want to show off your best. But if appreciation is the goal, a rarer coin might prove better in the long run. Either way, only spend what you can afford and have fun. Get a good beginners book for collectors and invest in the “Official Red Book” of US coin values. Learn what’s out there on the internet and visit a local “>coin shop Mocksville