Treasure hunting begins at home. People regularly find famous old books and valuable antiques in their attics, so get up there and look. One couple opened their walls while remodeling, and found them insulated with thousands of old and valuable movie posters. In the thirties a theater owner ahd put them there. The couple sold $200,000 worth of the posters, the last I heard.

Visit the U.S. Mint’s website. This website not only has a great product catalog, but it also has a huge databank of information on coins from history to design to everything in between. It’s a valueable resource for new collectors. As your interest grows, purchasing directly from the mint ensures that you are getting genuine coins in phenominal condition. At the U.S. Mint’s website, you also see coins. You see proof sets, mint sets, uncirculated coins in all denominations. What this does is expand your collecting tastes to include items you were not aware of before. Their prices are competitive and the long-term value in terms of just the information there is definately worth the time to study the site even if you are not ready to make a larger monetary purchase.

If you buy coins from the US mint, that’s the only form of payment they accept. I regularly buy directly from the US mint using a credit card, and probably pay a higher price because of it.

There are many more ways to go treasure hunting. I used to take the old telegraph pole insulators form along train tracks, to sell for $4 each at an antique store. They were otherwise being shot to pieces by hunters over the years. The colored glass ones are usually the more valuable ones.

While silver has steadily increased in its commercial use in electronics and the demand for electronics will continue to increase, there is a surprising increase in coinage. With the demand increasing heavily in silver coins and metals there is bound to be price spike like we have never seen before. Why is that? Well instead of just a few private investors purchasing silver as a store of wealth and a company purchasing it for their products there has been a vast influx in private purchase by average citizens. Silver is now an internationally purchasable commodity that can be bought through world-wide coin dealers, on the internet and even at your local “>coin shop Tobaccoville