Everything you have as probably some sort of value attached to it. Sometimes this value is founded on how you feel about a certain item, while other items are given values assigned by others. The same applies to old coins and other coins in you collection. While professional coin dealers or expert coin collectors will know the old coin value for various coins, we may have no idea about this.

Tubes that hold coins are also great Christmas gifts for the coin collector on your Christmas list. You can get tubes of different sizes that hold many coins in one place. Usually these coin tubes are for a stack of the same type of coin but you can also put different coins of the same size in a tube.

It is much better to buy with cash or at the very worst, a low interest loan. Avoid paying the double digit interest on your coins. Generally speaking, if you have to charge something, you can’t afford it. Only get what you can afford.

“>coin dealer King| smile was so beatific, so unexpected and glorious that it would be greedy to assume it could have happened before or after.

Old coins prices are determined after the coins have been examined. You should therefore do some research to find out what criteria is used during the examination and once you have the necessary data you can see if you can be able to make a price grading for your old coins depending on what you learn. Be careful with the way you handle the coins lest you damage them and thus render them much more valueless.

One quick note on the “naming” of coins. Each coin is generally named by the date, location of the mint where it was made and then the type of coin. For example a 1970-D Washington Quarter means that this coin was minted in 1970 in the Denver (D) mint and is a Washington 25 cent piece (quarter).

Generally a local rare coins dealer only accepts cash for your purchases. This is a long standing tradition with them. Coin dealers will say they can only sell at the lowest prices with a cash payment. They give paper receipts, so it’s not like they’re trying to hide the transaction.

Do not forget to thoroughly inspect a particular dealer’s policies before returning an item. Make sure that once you receive your coin, immediately inspect it for authenticity or damage. The coin you must have must be just as you ordered and what you expected.