• Gold: the 3,000 year old “fashion” is back in favour
  • Rising interest rates – when happen – are positive for gold
  • This seen in data, charts – 2003 to 2006 period and 1970s
  • Given risks today – higher allocations of as much as 30% are merited
  • Important to own “physical gold” coins and bars in safest vaults in world
  • Important to own physical due to increasing likelihood of COMEX default


GoldCore discussed the outlook for gold on “Bloomberg Markets” yesterday with Matt Miller and Mark Barton and the interview can be watched here

LBMA Gold Prices

27 Jan: USD 1,116.50, EUR 1,027.14 and GBP 781.04 per ounce

26 Jan: USD 1,114.70, EUR 1,028.42 and GBP 785.80 per ounce

25 Jan: USD 1,103.70, EUR 1,020.29 and GBP 773.96 per ounce

22 Jan: USD 1,097.65, EUR 1,012.55 and GBP 769.63 per ounce

21 Jan: USD 1,096.80, EUR 1,006.98 and GBP 774.99 per ounce


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