collecting baseball cards

The public domain is an amazing resource – literally a product developer’s dream. When it comes to the types of public domain projects you can create, the limit is really your imagination. This article examines five different ways you can use public domain materials to build an income stream.

The Topps Candy Company started manufacturing bubble gum at the end of World War II. The company introduced the famous Bazooka Bubble Gum. This was named after the musical instrument that was created in the 1930s by Bob Burns. As an added gimmick, the gum had “Bazooka Joe” comic strips on the gum wrapper which contributed to its popularity. Also as incentives for children, the Topps Company included gum to the Bazooka Joe buing baseball cards Trilby in 1953.

A lot of people just don’t understand this! Selling a Vintage baseball cards bond can be like selling your home. When you want to sell a bond, there is rarely a “listed” market. So you need to contact a broker. They will come up with an offer price to buy your bond from you. This price has to work for you, or you won’t sell. But it also has to work for them…they will often turn around quickly and offer it elsewhere, in an effort to make a profitable trade.

If you decide to donate your cards, you can save a lot of time not having to list them on Ebay or trying to sell them on Craigslist. Instead my recommendation would be to have them appraised and keep that appraisal for your taxes. Make sure to consult with your tax specialist to ensure you get the best bang for your buck in your donations. Remember to that you can usually take the write off over several years if that fits your situation better. Write down your transportation costs as well for your donation, as that adds up fast. Baseball cards can bring smiles to many kids and this will bring a smile to your face as well, take my challenge and donate some cards today.

Turner Classic Movies. The conservatory-level dedication that Turner Classic Movies brings to film history is unparalleled among satellite TV networks. Always uncut films – always commercial free and often with both introduction and post-film discussion by host Robert Osborne – are playing twenty-four hours a day to the delight of film fans. Ted Turner has committed his network’s considerable resources to creating something which benefits the public while benefitting this channel’s sterling reputation.

Many people have things sitting around their house that they would like to sell. Old clothes that are still in good condition that children have outgrown can be sold on eBay. Designer name brand clothing that is gently used often sells on eBay. Collectible items such as stamps, coins, trading card box, trading cards, comic books, old magazines and other collectible items sell very well on eBay. Automobiles are often sold on eBay. Automobile parts can also be found on eBay. Toys and health and beauty products can be sold on eBay. Gift cards, furniture, electronics, figurines, seasonal items, video games, cameras, cell phones, mp3 players and much more can be sold on eBay.

I’ve always been a collector of vintage baseball cards, old programs and other vital stuff. As a journalist, though, I just saw a need for a web site that did a good job distributing not only information and fresh content, but collected stories that were in other media outlets and brought them in as well. I wanted to commit to putting up at least four stories each day at least five times a week. I envisioned sort of a daily newspaper for the industry. I was willing to work hard at it and I’m proud to say it’s really developed just about exactly the way I thought it would.

There you have it. Eight unique stocking stuffer ideas, and nothing priced over $12, with most being much cheaper. Go forth and shop with the knowledge that you can give something fun and special without draining your bank account to do it. Cheap, and original, is in for Christmas stocking stuffers 2009.