This weekend you can enjoy fun and food at the Genesee Country Village & Museum Agricultural Fair. There will be livestock exhibits, food competitions, crafts and more! There will be over 150 exhibits and judged categories for crafts and food. For children there are over sixty different categories. To celebrate the Fall season, there will also be a contest for the largest pumpkin!

Taking a look at our first question, baseball cards can be a good long term holding but most are not. While a few cards may appreciate to high values, most will not and in order to own a high value card, you will either have to buy a card that is already valued high or have some very specialized knowledge that allows you to recognize a card that will be worth a lot in the future. Unfortunately, selling buing baseball cards Istachatta doesn’t pass the test of our first question.

One sports collectable that some may not Vintage baseball cards consider a sports card but has always been a fascination to me is the and Dixie Cup lids. These were Dixie Cup ice cream lids with famous pictures under them and covered with a paper similar to wax paper for protection. The Dixie Cup company produce these picture lids from the early 30’s until the mid 50’s but the 2 afore mentioned years were the only ones that produced sports figure pictures.

grading sports cards

If time allows, head out the back way and stop at Atlantic City on your way home. Considered a genuine ghost town, there are some nice shops and historical information there as well.

If you’re from the state of Michigan or have family here, you know the heart of this state lies within the Tigers. We all were once sitting on our parents’ lap, listening to their fondest Tiger Stadium memory, just as they once were doing the same with their parents. So why do we love baseball so much? We were born to love it. We remember going over to our grandparents’ house and seeing old baseball cards, programs, and photographs from Tiger Stadium. We remember seeing Sparky Anderson on television and hearing Sparky’s greatest stories from family. Most importantly, we remember hearing Ernie Harwell on the radio.

Many people have things sitting around their house that they would like to sell. Old clothes that are still in good condition that children have outgrown can be sold on eBay. Designer name brand clothing that is gently used often sells on eBay. Collectible items such as stamps, coins, baseball collectible cards, trading cards, comic books, old magazines and other collectible items sell very well on eBay. Automobiles are often sold on eBay. Automobile parts can also be found on eBay. Toys and health and beauty products can be sold on eBay. Gift cards, furniture, electronics, figurines, seasonal items, video games, cameras, cell phones, mp3 players and much more can be sold on eBay.

Once you start your Barbie collection it is also vitally important that your learn how to store them properly. Improper storage of your doll can cause irreparable damage to the doll and its clothing. The garage, attic or basement is not the place to store your dolls. These places are not climate controlled and the fluctuation between hot and cold can damage the doll. Moisture can seep in and cause mold and the doll may make good nest building material for rats or mice.

TIP: Worried about destroying an entire baseball card collection? Have the cards scanned and laser printed onto a bright white cardstock at your local copy and print center.