The 1909-1911 T206 series of baseball cards is without a doubt, the most sought after baseball card set ever. The T206 “white border” set contains the most valuable card ever, the legendary Honus Wagner, one of which sold for $2.8 million. Even lower grade Wagners bring $200,000 and up.

Depending on who you talk to, Dean’s Cards may be the best website to use when shopping for vintage baseball cards online. You can find roughly 700,000 sports and non-sports cards on this website. When shopping for vintage baseball cards on Dean’s Cards, you will notice that the cards are separated by decade. The condition of the buing baseball cards Plant City are also listed as are pictures for (most) of the cards. One thing I like about Dean’s Cards is that you purchase the cards directly from the website. You’re not involved in any auctions nor do you have to deal with a third party. Shopping for vintage baseball cards on Dean’s Cards is as easy as buying a CD off of Amazon.

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There is plenty of history with bowman cards and that could be one major reason why. The first were distributed in cigarettes and arrived in the latter part of the 19th century. Until the mid-1930s, you simply can’t find a football card. Basketball? No major set until 1948…and then only one from 1950 through 1968. Hockey has a longer history of producing trading cards but the sport simply doesn’t have the same broad appeal.

vintage basketball cards

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The village also has seasonal classes to teach crafts to visitors, an annual quilt fair August 31, a week of rug hooking, an annual doll and teddy bear show and sale, and many special events and activities.

Children ages 16 and over can try to join the Colt Vintage Baseball team. All skill levels are accepted and the team does not discriminate against anyone. When you join if your under the age of 18 the application must be signed by your parents. You can order uniforms and merchandise through the Friends of the Vintage Baseball.